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We are a software development company, with headquarters in New York City,
providing you quality software developers for custom software

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We are a software development company, with headquarters in New York City, providing you quality software developers for custom software development as well as to help with re-engineering your product. We built a strong team with top developers navigating the simple to complex requirements.

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At WWC Virtual Staffing Services, our goal is to not just avail client satisfaction but as it is say it takes two to tango therefore our focus on the happiness and reliability of our staff is also our utmost priority.


Project Management

With experience of over two decades in the IT world and launching global proprietary SaaS products we understand a thing or two about project management and what it takes to keep a project on track. Our principles of project management from start to finish, involve a team of individuals with various abilities and expertise backed by exceptional market experience. The team is responsible for preparing and executing the project objectives and this requires more than just labor resources. Every project has a life cycle schedule defined by the following:


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Our head office is located in the Big Apple! That is New York City in the United States of America, whereas our branch office is located in Islamabad Pakistan.

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WWC Head Office
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Money Transfer
Mobile Top-up
Bill Payment
Mobile Pin-less
Selling Products
Consumer Platform


MTS Suite Enterprise 5.0

MTS Suite is the most mature Money Transfer Software in the world. Banks, MTOs, and Aggregators specializing within the remittance and cross-border payments sector gain a competitive advantage with a suite of dynamic products Backoffice, Agents, eCommerce, Mobile App, and Compliance module—The MTS Suite.

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Our Forte

If you are a business seeking professional support and you are thinking to expand the software development workforce, then you have arrived at the right place. White Wings Virtual Staffing combines the benefits of a staffing agency and virtual recruitment. With this unique blend businesses benefit from a hassle-free talent acquisition and on-demand solutions that allow organizations to achieve their goals without breaking the bank.


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WWC Outsourcing has custom tailored creative and scalable solutions for businesses in the last two decades. Our model is problem-solving technology collaboration. Your success is our success, and with this value on the forefront, we’re passionate about our collaborative approach.


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