Contact Services Center

Contact Services Center

With technology advances and globalization, the core focus for any leading organizations revolves around new customer acquisition and existing customer retention in today's consumer-oriented market.

White Wings Outsource specializes in streamlining the sales and customer services process for companies and bringing their potential to the rest of the world.

We have a team of experts with years of professional experience who have committed their skills to providing the best B2B and B2C outbound lead generation services to telecom companies, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers and among other business sectors.

Whether you are looking for a B2B appointment scheduling, B2C customer acquisition, brand awareness, and / or lead generation, customer service, after hour call answering, we can design solutions that meet your needs. We recognize the value of key indicators like first-call resolution (FCR), customer satisfaction, appropriate call routing, have an enormous impact on your business success.

Consider the breakdown of the services in our offer to increase productivity and efficiency.

At White Wings Outsource, our team of outbound agents help companies scrub, shortlist, and qualify prospects through predictive auto-calling and cold-calling, addressing all objections, and maintain healthy touch-points to keep potential clients engaged. Our team of experienced agents also has the ability to close customers at the height of impulse and generate quality callbacks given unique scenarios. Our team will help your business excel and expand into new markets.

Generating Leads

With over 20 years of experience, White Wings Outsource understands every phase of lead generation, from gatekeepers to influencers to decision-makers. Our proven track record of converting leads to qualified customers, we understand the subtle touch-points and various approaches lead generation requires. We guarantee lead conversion into paid customers.

Let us sell your product and service.

Bridging the gap between customer needs and your solutions, White Wings Outsource is the leading provider of telemarketing services and has joined forces with a few leading names in the telecommunications, SaaS, and other business sectors. The key to our success is to ensure that high-quality leads move further into the sales funnel with the result of successful customer acquisition.

Appointments Scheduling

The ability to introduce your products/services to potential customers, generate an interest, and qualify the potential customers is challenging for virtually any organization. White Wings Outsource team leverages its unique approach to bridge the gap between your organization and potential customers by scheduling appointments and demonstrations with the proper decision maker and influencers.

At White Wings Outsource, our team of inbound agents help companies address incoming service requests, answer calls 24/7, provide remote support, and take new purchase orders. Our team of experienced agents also has the ability to address all inbound service requests.

Customer Service

If an inbound customer support center offers a single touch, it works best. White Wings Outsource has professionally trained staff to handle any form of inbound traffic efficiently and autonomously, be it purchases of products, service, or customer care requests.

Phone Answering Services

White Wings Outsource offers during business hours and after-hours telephone support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is a must for any company today. We will help you to achieve a 24-hour presence at a low and cost-effective rate.

Remote Support

If you are interested in remote support for your customer base, look no further. Our experienced inbound service agents are equipped with the necessary skills for providing excellent remote support and the capacity to learn technicalities of any product and service in a short period.

Accepting New Purchase Orders

Service providers seeking a reliable and effective purchasing system around the clock should no longer search. We have personnel who are professionally qualified to process vast numbers of purchase orders with 100% precision, while ensuring a friendly first-time contact with customers.